Polymers & Coagulants

Potable water & wastewater treatment

  • Sludge dewatering / thickening
  • Clarification of suspended solids
  • Phosphorus removal

CARUS Products

Corrosion Inhibitors

A variety of NSF approved orthopolyphosphates
Odor Control

TotalOx and Carusol for odor control in sludge and waste treatment systems


Food grade & Kosher

Formulated to control unwanted foaming in wastewater treatment and food processing

Industrial Chemicals
(Partial list - call if you don't see it listed)
Aluminum sulfate
Caustic soda
Citric acid
Ferric chloride / Ferric sulfate
Hydrogen peroxide
Muriatic acid
Polyaluminum Chlorohydrate (PAC)
Polymer solvent
Potassium permanganate
Propylene glycol USP Kosher
Soda ash
Sodium bicarbonate
Sodium metabisulfite
Sodium hydroxide
Sodium hypochlorite (NSF approved)
Sulfuric acid
UV bulb cleaner

Biotechnology / Microbes

For the wastewater treatment industries

  • BOD / TSS and ammonia reduction
  • Oil & grease control
  • Lift station maintenance